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You Never Forget Your First Love...
Can you remember your first car and what it meant to you?
If you are considering the purchase of a used car, we have some tips that will help you. Whether you buy a used car as a private sale or through a dealership, learn as much as possible about the vehicle before you strike the deal. If the Seller of the vehicle will not allow you to have it inspected, red flags are flying and it would be wise to walk away.
Also...we recommend that you bring your leased vehicle to us to document its condition before you return it.
  • Test drive the car under varied road conditions...stop & go, hills, highways, etc.
  • Ask for the maintenance record. If the owner doesn't have it, ask permission to contact the dealership or shop where it was previously serviced.
  • Talk to the previous owner-especially if the current owner is unfamiliar with the car's history.
  • Have us inspect the vehicle. We will inspect the vehicle for you. If the seller resists having an inspection done, we suggest you walk away.
  • Call us with any questions or advice & always feel free to bring your teenage drivers into Hometown Service Center with you so that they have a good understanding of the proper maintenance of a vehicle.


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