Tim's Tips for Getting Your Car Ready for Summer Driving

Enjoy Every Minute of Summer by Getting Your Car Ready.

Drivers always seem to think of "winterizing" their vehicle, but often skip "summerizing" their vehicle. We see the same type of problems each year. Call us now to be sure you don't get stranded or run into trouble this summer.

  1. TIRES. They are the most important part of your car. They have a great impact on performance & safety and they are one of the few components on your vehicle that can actually kill you if you ignore them. Worn or underinflated tires will greatly impact handling and braking and can lead to blowouts at high speeds. Now is the perfect time to check your spare as well. We can assess your tire's condition and we have very competitive prices on tires.
  2. BRAKES. We perform a brake inspection with each oil change special we perform. Do not delay getting your brakes repaired or the price will go up substantially with the wear. Check out this video Tim prepared regarding brakes:
  3. GET A CAR WASH. Winter takes a tremendous toll on your vehicle, inside and out. Consider a detailing package from Hometown Luxury Wash & Detail Spa. We use steam for unsurpassed results. Call 614-392-2074 or click here:
  4. CHANGE YOUR OIL. Hometown offers seasonal specials starting at $34.95 that include a standard oil change. This also includes a comprehensive safety inspection that will head off problems.
  5. COOLANT. Hometown's seasonal special also includes an inspection of your cooling system and topping off fluids. 
  6. AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID. We will inspect your vehicle as well as checking your manufacturer's recommendations and advise you if it's time to flush the ATF. 
  7. POWER STEERING FLUID. This item is often overlooked in general servicing and can lead to a premature failure of the steering system. We'll check it for you when you come in as well.
  8. BRAKE FLUID. This is more important that you can imagine. Brakes are hydraulic devices and brake fluid that has degraded can lead to reduced braking performance or brake failure.
  9. BATTERY. We can test your battery and give you a computerized readout. Nothing impacts vehicle reliable like a good battery.
  10. FIX THE LITTLE THINGS. Summer is the perfect time to fix the little things that happened during the Winter. Interior lights, antennas, broken trim, mirrors, etc. We have you covered.
  11. WINDSHIELD WIPER BLADES. We recommend changing your front wiper blades EVERY season. We feel so strongly about this that we include front wiper blades with our seasonal special.

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Tim would love to talk to you about your options for car maintenance and repair. Tim was born and raised in Westerville. His family has maintained businesses in Westerville for over 50 years. He is a US Navy Veteran and his wife and sons work in the business. Hometown is here for you!

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