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Getting the Right Price Does Not Mean Calling Around.

When people get a large estimate for a repair, their gut instinct is to pick up the phone and get the lowest estimate. This is a big mistake. What can go wrong? A few things. Many shops will cut the quality of the parts they use and use less-than-qualified personnel to do the work. Many won't offer a warranty. Here's a big surprise... Your vehicle may have been diagnosed incorrectly. We've seen THAT happen often. Hometown will NOT price an estimate of a vehicle that we have not diagnosed. If you're a gambler, calling around for the lowest price might sound like a winning strategy. Do you want to gamble with your safety? The safety of your passengers or other drivers or pedestrians on the road? Probably not. Here are 7 tips for reducing your automotive expenses.

  1. STAY LOYAL. By far the customers that get the best deals are the loyal ones. These customers know the value of quality repair and they send their friends and family to us. We reward them when they do. Your grandfather had a great mechanic that cared about his family's safety. You should too. Our shop connects you with the owner with 24 / 7 / 365 answering service. Could you call someone at the dealership or a bargain shop with those hours?
  2. STAY INDEPENDENT. Our local shop is going to have better prices than the dealership and by a substantial margin. Our shop has trained, experienced ASE-Master Certified Mechanics and the right equipment & databases to get the job done. Dealerships send US work from time to time. We have less overhead than a dealership. That means YOU SAVE. Also, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE... Most of our services are same day or next day and we have a loaner fleet of cars to keep you moving.
  3. GET REGULAR OIL CHANGES EVERY SEASON. Our specials include a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle and start at $34.95*. This can head off little problems before they become big problems. Our seasonal specials are a remarkable value. *See our Specials tab for details or call us with questions (614) 895-8069.
  4. PRIORITIZE REPAIRS. Some repairs can wait if they are not safety related. If your car needs substantial work, you may opt to sell it. We will advise you professionally to get a resolution you feel comfortable with. Hometown offers very attractive repair financing to qualified applicants. See #6 below. We will work with you.
  5. CHOOSE QUALITY WORK WITH QUALITY PARTS. We can't begin to tell you how many customers we meet that had a bad previous repair experience. For most repairs, we offer the Napa Peace of Mind Warranty and you won't be left stranded. Buy an online part from China and what will happen when it fails?
  6. FINANCE YOUR REPAIRS. We currently offer Synchrony Car Care credit card subject to credit approval. Our customers love it! No Interest If Paid In Full Within 6 months* on purchase of $199 or more. *Come in full details and to apply.
  7. DO A PREPURCHASE INSPECTION BEFORE YOU BUY A CAR. Whether you buy a used car from a dealership, the little old lady down the road or a friend... Have us look at it first. IMPORTANT: If the seller balks, go find a different car and have us look at that one. This inspection starts at only $55 plus tax, hazmat & shop fees and is a bargain compared to being stuck with a piece of junk.

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Tim would love to talk to you about your options for car maintenance and repair. Tim was born and raised in Westerville. His family has maintained businesses in Westerville for over 50 years. He is a US Navy Veteran and his wife and sons work in the business. Hometown is here for you!

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